The Vision

"Where there is no vision the people cast off restraint...."



The ultimate goal is to have a Country Store built on our property. However, we need to reach that goal and we will do it by opening a local storefront/restaurant. We imagine a store with all of our jarred items, meats, apparel, and fresh farm to table food and maybe some donuts. :-) 


Abattoirs (USDA Inspected) 

This is where we will process all of our livestock on our property. This means from birth to harvest time, our hands are the only ones that have raised them and harvested them. This will ensure less stress with travel, wait time, etc.


“The effects of stress on cattle, pigs and sheep prior to slaughter are reviewed. Long-term preslaughter stress, such as fighting, cold weather, fasting and transit, which occurs 12 to 48 hours prior to slaughter depletes muscle glycogen, resulting in meat which has a higher pH, darker color, and is drier. Short-term acute stress, such as excitement or fighting immediately prior to slaughter, produced lactic acid from the breakdown of glycogen. This results in meat which has a lower pH, lighter color, reduced water binding capacity, and is possibly tougher. Psychological stressors, such as excitement and fighting, will often have a more detrimental effect on meat quality than physical stressors, such as fasting or cold weather. Fighting caused by mixing strange animals together is a major cause of dark cutters in cattle and deaths in stress susceptible pigs. The physiology, causes and prevention of the porcine stress syndrome and dark cutters, is reviewed. Methods for detecting genetically stress susceptible breeding stock are reviewed. The effects of stunning method on meat quality are also covered.” 

Grandin, T. (1980). The effect of stress on livestock and meat quality prior to and during slaughter. International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems, 1(5), 313-337.


100+ Acres

Our goal is to have 100+ acres to facilitate all of our animal and facility needs. We are currently on 50.23 acres. Having more acres will help our regenerative practices with more space to take care of our land and animals. This would also house our headquarters, living quarters, restaraunt, old country store, feed mill/store, and our future gathering place of believers, Revival Ranch. 


Revival Ranch 

This will be a gathering place where our family and friends can come together to rightfully host the presence of God. 


To Become A Zero Waste Farm

We have a major passion to become a zero waste farm. This simply means everything and every part of everything will have a purpose from skin to bones to fat to compost, it will have a job. Everything means everything. 


To Employ Our Family, Full-Time. 

Our desire is to employ all our family members. We are not looking to get rich, we are looking to provide a business that meets the needs of our family and community. 



To Be A Regenerative Farm With All Livestock

Do you know what that means? Let us help you. Well, let me restate that. Let us give you our version of what it is here on Tribal Acres. It protects the soil, rebuilds the soil, and allows resting time between movements so that we can continue to cultivate without a tiller. Here at Tribal Acres we like to consider ourselves Regenerative Farmers.These practices aim to reverse effects of climate change by rebuilding organic matter in soil and restoring degraded soil biodiversity. We think this is paramount for our animals as well. Doing things the right way, you know before pesticides, chemicals, and hormones were introduced - they did it a certain way. We feel like we are returning to our roots and raising animals right. We do not claim to be professionals but we do claim to be on a journey bettering ourself, blessing others, and preparing a future for our families. 


Apparel Company

We all love our brands. We want to produce our own, that you will love. This will be apparels from farmers for farmers, homesteaders, ranchers, and those who support them. We know the hard work that goes into farming, and we want people to wear what we feel daily, proudly. This brand will represent who we are, farming, faith, and the occasional hilariousness that takes place on a farm. You know if you farm every day is just plain unpredictable. 


Three Acres of Certified Organic Produce

We want to feed the world. Maybe that’s a stretch, we are currently feeding our family and a lot of customers in Central Florida from a smaller scale of what we envision. We want to be certified organic and know and grow what this community loves and wants using the best practices we know. 



Vision For Our Current Enterprises



To be organic healthy free ranged layers and meat birds. We would like to have 200 layer ducks, and 1,000 meat ducks a year. We currently have 30 layer ducks and have harvested 50+ ducks. 



To have totally organic, non goo free range layers 24/7. We would like to have 1,000 layers. We currently have 100 full grown and 150 almost at laying age. 



To raise grass fed ride for meat in a certified human way to provide the best tasting chicken on this side of glory. We would like to harvest over 5,000 a year. We are currently averaging 2,000 a year. 



We would like to run turkeys all year round, but we would like to sell up to 5,000 turkeys a year on pasture of which 2,000-3,000 of them during the holidays. We currently raise 200 a year. 



To raise the highest quality of pastured pork both high quality and premium. We would like to raise over 400 a year. We currently raise 100 a year. 



To produce grass finished high quality beef. We would like to have a 100 head cow/calf operation. We currently raise 20 head a year. 


*Enterprises we would like to add within a year; Bees, Goats, Sheep, & Bison.