Turkey Deposit


Pasture raised turkeys are free to eat grass, bugs, seeds, worms, and all the other stuff turkeys are supposed to eat. These aren’t the same as wild turkeys and are still bred for size, juiciness, etc. Since they aren’t just stuck in a cage and fed turkey feed the meat develops a much richer flavor. The color of the meat will also be darker. Don’t get suckered into labels like “free range” or “organic”. Free range only means the turkeys have “access” to open air but that “access” is usually little more than a small door in the barn that leads to an overcrowded pen outside.


Because of this diet and activity the pasture raised turkeys develop a much deeper, more complex flavor than the standard bird you can get at the grocery store. These birds taste like what turkey is supposed to taste like!


When we say Cage Free, All Natural, Pasture Raised. We mean it. They don’t have  access to just a door, they have access to fields. They are fenced in using a moveable Premier1 electric fencing, just to keep the predators away. Also, on our farm we have four LGD’s that protect all animals during the day and at night. 



Now about how pre-orders work. Last year we were super blessed to pre-sale and they were all sold before September. So this year now that we are in markets and expanding we are trying to do at least three hundred so we have enough to give families amazing meat for their family time. 


We offer three different sizes:


Small Turkey, 10-15 Pounds | Deposit: $25.00

Medium Turkey, 16-21 Pounds | Deposit: $50.00

Tribe Size Turkey, 22+ Pounds | Deposit: $50.00


Two weeks before pick up you will be invoiced for the remaining balance. All orders will be at your local farmers market, delivered, or shipped (+$45.00 Fee) one week before Thanksgiving. (November 19-21). 

Turkey Deposit

  • This is for the deposit only.