We do not give our pigs any antibiotics or hormones. We use regenerative pasture grazing to move them in between multiple paddocks. This not only helps the soil regrow naturally after the pigs use it, but it allows our pigs to move around freely creating some of the best quality pork you will ever have the chance to eat. All the movement keeps the muscles loose and the pigs lean so you get a less fatty meat. Plus we take care of them with love and care as we highly believe that a happy pig with as little stress as possible creates a better quality meat. Just imagine a pork chop that came from a pig with those practices. We are not saying it will change your life...but it just might.

We have a certain saying here on the farm, if we wouldn't drink out of it, lay in it, or eat from it - we shouldn't let them. That right there will change the trajectory for how you take care of your animals. Everyone does everything different, however we are focused on what we do and how we do it. We hold true to our regenerative practices, the animal welfare, and our commitment to all of our animals. Whether our animals are pets or for harvesting we will do it with excellence as unto the Lord - in all we do.