Unapologetic, Intentional Farming.

Why Tribal Acres? We are often asked if we are a part of an “Indian Reservation,” while we have contemplated numerous times of changing our name, we just can’t. When we think of a tribe, as defined in the dictionary, (see below) we think of our family linked by love for one another, our community, and our animals. Tribal Acres means and is defined by the practices of that said word...TRIBE. Tribal Acres relentlessly describes our culture here on the farm, in the markets, and everywhere we go. 

tribe /trīb/ /traɪb (noun)

A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture; 2. A distinctive or close-knit group; 3. A large number of people or animals.



Raise, Provide, & Regenerate. 


To raise, grow and produce the most natural farm to table meats and produce possible without sacrificing the integrity or the care and love for our animals. 


To provide a product for people of how God created it to be and raised. 


To regenerate the land through proper grazing and planting techniques. 



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