We encountered some hard times in 2019 and decided to roll with the punches, we trusted God through it all and he gave us wisdom, guidance, and here we are....



BUT…..Let’s rewind.  


In October of 2019, we took up a special offering (aka put our coins together) as a family,     there was seven of us in the room, for a $60 potbelly pig that we practically rescued, yes we couldn’t even come up with that, but together we did. Nika and Courtney hopped in the car and went and bought Pua. We then found someone selling chickens, we had no clue about quarantine or signs of sickness, we became "professional experts" because the chickens and one pig made us a farm - we laugh every time we tell people that, but we had a pig and like twelve chickens and we were “running” a full blown farm.


After a couple of months of doing the chicken thing, we said, “this is life!” We also were in the middle of a global pandemic and with the support of a few friends donating feed, sheds, wood, etc., we were able to start a little garden, and then emus. Yes, emus. We got two more pigs, Moana and Hei-Hei. We didn’t know that “pot-bellies” were a trend but they were our trend and we love them and are still on the property to this day. Hei, Hei is the church greeter in the paddocks, so he tells our Pastured Pork all about us and what to expect in 6-8 months.


We got with some friends and decided to expand and make this dream a reality. We fenced in a little bit of our back yard, we are on fifty acres, and we built a coop ordered chicks, ducks, geese, and then decided to raise our own meat. After trying our own harvested chickens, we were sold. We dove into school, videos, education, books, the list goes on and on and we made this with the help of God an absolute reality. Now let’s fast forward. 


In mid 2020 we incorporated. 


In August we brought on 20 baby bottle calves, yes, 20. What an experience. Did we know what we were getting ourselves into? No. Do we regret it? No. Greatest lessons and experiences of our lives. During that time we also added more pigs, goats, and sheep. Yes, AT THE SAME TIME! We also added four LGD’s. 


After learning, studying (we are still students of this amazing occupation) let us catch you up to date. 


In April of 2021 we started doing Farmer’s Markets, near and far. We got our Food License, got a commercial kitchen, and now we are full steam ahead. We joined every association we could, acquired every license we could think of or thought we would need for this journey. After the past year we are ready to expand and do more. We are honing in on specific breeds for each enterprise we run, and we are doing the best we can do to ensure we are establishing better ways of communications for our community of customers in keeping our point of sales systems seamless, our website effective and easy to navigate, and our products in tiptop shape. 


This is our story, we’d love to learn more about you. So when you see us out and about - introduce yourself, we would love to know your story. 


Our First Farm Animal